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What Is a Ceramic Coating

Simply put, Ceramic Coating is a special liquid that can be applied to most surfaces of your vehicle, inside & out.

The Ceramic Coating then bonds to the surface, cures hard and forms a protective layer. It is one of the most common forms of car paint protection.

Leather Protection Ceramic Coating Liquid

You’ve just spent tens of thousands of dollars on your new vehicle.. Of course, you want it to look its best for the time you own it.. And you’ll likely sell it on within 3-5 years.

Paintwork protection will keep your car looking newer for longer. And because of its protective properties, a Ceramic Coating reduces the effects of vehicle depreciation.

By coating your new car you’re ensuring it maintains its deep gloss and shine. Plus, it will hold its value better so you’ll get a higher return when it comes time to sell!

It’s not surprising that paintwork protection is one of the very first things new car owners are paying to have on their vehicles.

Leather Protection Ceramic Coating Liquid

Yes, without doubt.

From a financial point of view, full re-sprays and even minor paint repair can be extremely expensive, often upwards of $5,000!

Depending on the service, our vehicle protection treatments can be between $500-$2,500, complete with a 10-Year Warranty. Damage prevention rather than repair is a no brainer.

Damage From Bird Droppings On Unprotected Paint

With a hard layer of protection; your paintwork, glass, wheels and interior are protected from numerous causes of damage.

Here in Australia – water spots, UV damage & fading from the sun is particularly bad… Just like sunscreen for your skin, the Ceramic Coating protects your vehicle from harsh UV rays and other contamination.

A Ceramic Coating can stop your paintwork, plastics and dash from becoming dull and faded.

Uncoated vs. Coated Surfaces

Just like a non-stick frying pan, dirt and debris won’t stick to your car… As soon as it rains or you hose it down, the water quickly rolls off and takes the grime with it.

So the term ‘self-cleaning’ describes how dirt easily rolls off surfaces which also makes your regular clean far less of a chore!

Dirt and Dust Rolls Right Off

Absolutely. Before the application of a coating, we meticulously polish & buff your paintwork to get unbeatable shine.

The Ceramic Coating then locks in that shine for years to come and enhances the reflection of your car’s paint which creates even deeper gloss!

Tesla Protection Specialists

No. Once applied, a ceramic coating leaves behind no visible residue.

Before application, we make sure the surface is looking its very best. Therefore, after the treatment, it will enhance the surface it has been applied to.

Shiny surfaces (like paint & wheels) appear even shinier and matte surfaces (like leather or matte PPF) maintain their deep, flat satin appearance.

Crystal Clear Shine - No Residue

Ceramic coatings can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2+ days… And this is a question that has no single answer for all projects.

Most of our customers will have their vehicle back within 2-3 days.

We must consider the size of the vehicle and the condition of the surface that needs coating. The Ceramic Coating locks in whatever it touches and we need to make sure you get a perfect finish!

This is why the preparation time can vary so widely!

The quickest way to find out exactly how long your project will take is to talk with Antony, the owner.

If it’s within business hours (Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm), you can call him now and get an instant answer!

Alternatively, you can leave your details and he’ll get back to you asap

The Preparation Phase Is Essential

Nissan 370Z | Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction

BMW X5 | Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction

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